The Leadership at CityChurch

Sr. Leaders Brian and Janis Higbee

Brian and Janis B&WBrian and Janis Higbee both are from southwestern Pennsylvania where they live with or close to all of their children.  “Growing up in this area has given us a real challenge of seeing beyond the conditions that face the church in this region.  Looking beyond where we are into where the Lord wants us to go is at the heart of CityChurch.”  Leading this amazing group of believers into the fullness of the Kingdom of God is at the heart of Brian’s and Janis’ passion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



Leadership Team

According to Brian and Janis, “We are able to accomplish what we do here at CityChurch because of the team that serves the vision here. Without them our passion would only be theory.  Because of the way they serve our people, our city, and this region, we have taken greater leaps in fulfilling this vision called CityChurch.

Greg and Jessica Stuart – Usher/Camera (Greg), Assistant to the pastors (Jessica)

Chelsie Fike – Arts 

Carmen and Breanne Marotta – Worship Team (Carmen),  Sozo (Breanne)

Jake and Tish Tucholski – Head Usher (Jake) – Café (Tish)

Bryan and Jen Metzger – Greeter Ministry (Bryan and Jen)

Karl and Brenda Siple – Cafe Manager (Karl) – Head of Small Groups (Brenda)

Ken and Cheryl Leyda – Serving the City (Ken) – Hospitality Coordinator (Cheryl)

Dave and Jill Wiltrout – Usher (Dave), Video Production (JIll)

Just want you to know that CityChurch is better when you are here.