The Core

What is The Core?

Over the last year it has become abundantly clear that the core of CityChurch has grown beyond the Servant/Leadership team that we established many years ago.  There are those who are essential, deep-rooted, and elemental in the direction, growth, and health of CityChurch.  Therefore, it has also become clear that I, Janis, and the Servant/Leadership team together must include those who are part of The Core of CityChurch in a greater way.  To that end the first gathering of The Core commences.  This gathering will be relational, inclusional, instructional, and completely informal.   If you consider yourself part of CityChurch you are part of The Core.

When is The Core?

Every third Sunday night at 5:30pm.




Just want you to know that CityChurch is better when you are here.